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May, 2020

Drill of the Week

The Drill of the Week

These drills are going to be designed to be completed at home and are completely optional!  However, we would love to see pictures of the girls doing the drills!  Please send them to: roxburysoftb[email protected]



Week of May 1st: Let the Ball Fall

This drill is very effective for athletes to generate confidence in catching pop-ups and fly balls.  The drill will help to develop catching, hand-eye coordination, visual mechanics, and glove mechanics.  Masks should be worn for safety reasons. 

This drill has multiple parts and should be paced on drill success.  

Part 1: The athlete will toss the ball to themselves.  This is critical for younger softball players to gain confidence in their glove work. As they get more comfortable, they can challenge themselves by changing the height.

Part 2: Toss the ball for the athlete.  This drill can begin with the ball being tossed straight on at varying heights.  But it is important to begin moving them from side to side.  Focus on the first step being back and open to the ball.  

Struggling?  Have them catch something other than a softball, like a football, a frisbee, or even volleyball.


  • Older players can advance to glove tricks.  Begin with a self-toss of the ball as high or low as you like.  Your challenge is to catch the ball as close to the ground as you can.  It is important to visually track the ball the entire time.

  • Self-toss the ball over the throwing side shoulder and make the catch behind the back.  It is important they visually track the ball for as long as they can, then trust their glove hand to make the catch.

  • Self-toss the ball up and catch the ball between the legs.  Bend from the knees and track the ball to the glove.

**Victory dance: optional, but highly recommended**


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