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Roxbury Rebels Travel Softball Tryouts

All of the information listed below is for a reference only and subject to change.


All players should pre-register for tryouts through our Google Form.  If you are planning on attending a tryout for more than one age group, you can declare that on the initial registration.  Players are only eligible to make a team for the age group they tryout for.  Results will not be assessed to different age groups. 

What to expect on the day of tryouts:

Players will check in at the table.  At this time we will verify contact information and provide a sticker with a number on it.  Players will be identified through their number for the duration of tryouts.

Players will then have the opportunity to warm up on their own.  

Players will be separated into different groups.  Each group will perform the same skills at the different stations.


10u/12u/14u players will be hitting off a pitching machine.  Each player will be given 10 pitches.  If it is a bad pitch, the individual feeding the machine will identify that the pitch to be excluded from the count.  If it is a good pitch and the player does not swing, it will count as a part of their count.  

8u players will be provided 10 strikes that are being pitched by an adult.  The pitcher will identify bad pitches.  IF a player swings at a bad pitch, it will count as a portion of their 10.


All ages will perform the same sequence.

Players will be asked to run home to 1 (from the right side of the plate regardless of their hitting preference) twice.  Upon completion, players will be running from home to 3rd one time.  The times will be recorded.


8u players will be provided 3 ground balls in a row at third base where they will be asked to throw to first base.  After the entire group goes, they will repeat the same process playing second base.  

Players will then be thrown 3 pop-ups. 

10u/12u/14u players will be provided 3 ground balls in a row at third base where they will be asked to throw to first base.  The ground balls can include lateral movement.  If the coach hitting the balls felt any ball was not able to be fielded, an additional ground ball will be provided.  After the entire group goes, they will repeat the same process playing second base.

The entire group will then move to the outfield.  Each player will receive 4 fly balls.  The first two will be taken in succession and be hit straight on.  Players will then take 1 flyball on their glove side and one on a non-glove side.

12u/14u ONLY will place all players (randomly) at a base on the diamond.  Players will then do a round of “Around the Horn.” 

Pitchers and Catchers: 

10u/12u/14u pitchers will have the opportunity to warm up and then pitch in full motion.  If they throw multiple pitches, they will be asked to demonstrate them for an evaluator.

10u/12u/14u catchers will be asked to make steal throws to second and third base.


The Roxbury Softball Association will hire independent evaluators for tryouts. Evaluators will not be provided the athletes names or any information on their past playing experiences. All scores and evaluations will be kept strictly confidential.

No current or past coaches or board members will be involved in evaluations on the night of tryouts. 

What to expect after tryouts:

Once all tryout dates have been completed, all participants will receive an email that will provide them a timeline about team alignments.  

Team Alignments:

The RSA will create a committee that will be responsible for team alignments.  Teams will be determined using player evaluations, player safety, potential playing time, along with player positions.  The goal of the RSA and Roxbury Rebels is and will always be to create competitive teams that will maximize playing time of each individual.


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