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May, 2020

Drill of the Week

The Drill of the Week

These drills are going to be designed to be completed at home and are completely optional!  However, we would love to see pictures of the girls doing the drills!  Please send them to: [email protected]

Week of May 8th: Sac That

This drill is very effective for athletes to generate confidence in bunting.  The drill will help to develop hand-eye coordination and bat control.  There is no bunting at the 8u level, but this is still a drill that is beneficial for skill development.

Part 1: The athlete will work from a normal batting stance.  Prior to pitch being thrown (short toss is perfect) they will pivot into position.  Focus on a soft touch on the ball.  The batter should only attempt to bunt strikes and all bunts should be placed onto the ground.  Look for body positioning below.

Part 2: The athlete will only use their top hand on the barrel of the bat.  They will focus on bunting a short pitch.  This portion of the drill will help with hand-eye coordination and bat control.


Bunting is critical in the game of softball and is normally needed in higher stress moments so it is important to practice the skill.

  • If they are struggling with the pivot and hands, have them begin on their knees so they can focus on their hands.
  • Put a target down on the ground and bunt to the target.  You can use a ball on the ground, a hula-hoop, an upside down helmet.

  • Try to bunt the ball on the foul lines.  Please remember the bottom hand controls the direction of the ball.

 See pictures below for positioning

Body Checklist:

  • Feet are turned in a pivot, but very well balanced
  • Shoulders are parallel to the pitcher

  • The barrel of the bat should be in front of the plate (not the handle)

  • The arms should have a slight bend in them (to absorb the ball)

  • The bat head should be slightly higher than the hands

  • The bat should be at or near the top of the strike zone

  • Eyes are level (just like if they were watching tv)



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